Christmas in Italy

by Jamison

What is Christmas in Italy about?

  • To honor the birth of Jesus
  • Christians believe Jesus was born in Bethlehem
  • Becoming a season of giving gifts and celebration
  • Neapolitan cribs are also important to display on Christmas Eve
  • Starts eight days before Christmas
  • Eating big feasts on Christmas night
  • Epiphany night when you give gifts
  • Befana also brings the children presents
  • Children go out carol singing and playing songs on shepherd pipes
  • Italians go to the Midnight Mass

How do Italians celebrate this holiday?

  • Go to churches after eating a feast
  • Put cribs out on December 8th
  • Nativity scene is displayed in the shape of a pyramid which can be meters tall
  • Neapolitan s also have everyday objects (houses, waterfalls,food,animals and even figures of famous people and politicians!).
  • "Feast Of The Seven Fishes"
  • put stockings up by the fireplace

What foods are associated with this holiday?

  • fish cooked in olive oil
  • lots of dairy
  • no meat
  • light sea food meals
  • fish types (salted Cod, clams,calamari,sardines and eel).
  • nine dishes may be included not just seven
  • Christmas cake called 'Panettone'
  • cannoli's
  • cranberry almond shortbread bars
  • sourdough bread
  • puffed pizza bites
  • dark chocolate panna cotta
  • pumpkin applesauce muffins

What foods are associated with this holiday?