Reading sends you to another life

Peyton Wallace

"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one" -George RR Martin

When you read a book, you are suddenly connected to another world. Every page turn is a portal sending you flying into a world so unlike our own. We can briefly disconnect from our world in be transported into a world of fantasy, terror, romance, or anything. A book acts as a facade as we temporarily settle into a new body, whilst what we know is stripped away and we are indulged in a new personality. Reading is like we are turned into a completely different person. When really connected to a good book, we can share in the characters joy, agony, fears, and contentment and really embody ourselves in the characters. When you read, you are temporarily in a world stuck within the confinements of your brain. You can see what they do and live the characters life with them.