Monday Morning Message

Carlisle Elementary School

June 14, 2015

Relaxation, Reflection and Rejuvenation!

I hope that your first week of summer vacation was slow and easy! With the last week of school being action packed, I know you are ready for the slow pace of summer. As I typed that I am smiling because I know many of you have been at the ball field and sitting in PD. I trust that you WILL find time for yourself as summer gets underway.

Summer "break" is the time to reflect, relax and recharge! I hope that as you relax and reflect you will think about goals for next year. As you read The Energy Bus, I believe that you will be energized and encouraged!! I want to share the focus/purpose for reading this book.

  • We will identify our team's purpose and be dedicated to living it passionately.
  • Create a vision/mission for our team and our school.
  • Communicate in a way that encourages ALL team members to "get on the bus".
  • Enhance productivity by improving communication and increasing the number of positive interactions among our team members.
  • Implement real strategies to stay positive in the change, challenge and adversity.
  • Deal with "Energy Vampires"on our team and within our organization.
  • Build an organizational culture that is irresistible to the best talent in our profession.
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CES Building Update

The custodians have already started pulling out furniture and cleaning carpets. You will probably not be able to get to your rooms this week unless you have had conversation with Ms. Sylvia. If you were planning on coming up to the school you may want to call the office first.

Also, I will be on vacation next week. I am going to do my best to "unplug". If you need something, please contact the office. Please remember summer office hours are 7:30 - 4:30 M-TH.

Summer Time is Fun Time!

Please share family summer fun pictures!! I have created a shared folder if you want to drop them here or you can email or text them to me and I will add them to the folder. Thanks to all that have already sent in pictures! Many of you have wasted NO time diving into to summer!! I love seeing the smiling, happy faces! Like last year, I will use the pictures for our slide show in the fall.
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Let's Talk Tech

I have found a fun new tech tool that can be used with your Apple or Android devices! Periscope allows you to take and share live video!! I used this fun tool while camping on the roof. It is easy and is multi-functional! Your followers can watch your video as it is happening or you can save it as a video to your gallery. Either way it is super easy and a neat way to share the amazing things happening at our school! I encourage you to check it out here!

Periscope Camping Video

Camping on the Roof

Twitter Talk

Twitter is the place to be this summer for impromptu PD! There are some amazing chats and book talks happening weekly. If you haven't joined a chat yet, what are your waiting for?? :)) Jump on in!! I would encourage you to use Tweetdeck when chatting as it is an easier interface. If the chats are too fast paced right now, try #edslowchat. A question is shared on Sunday and discussed at leisure throughout the week. This is a great place to start with Twitter if you are still a little unsure.

Don't forget to send tweet to #CESteamawesome if you have something amazing happen during summer PD. We what to keep the hashtag hopping!

Awesome people to follow on Twitter!




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