Sammy Keyes & the Sisters of Mercy

By: Wendelin Van Draanen

Created By: Adan Gee

Fall into a Deep wonder of Mystery

Main Characters:

  • Sammy Keyes
  • Marissa McKenze
  • Heather Acosta
  • Holly Janquell
  • Margaret "Dot" DeVries
  • Rita Keyes "Grams"
  • On the left is Sammy's cat Dorito


This story is about a girl, Sammy Keyes, that falls into a heap of trouble. It takes place in Santa Martina, California. She has to work off 20 hours of detention at a church. When a valuable cross neckalace from the church is stolen, she is the first to be blamed. While she works at the church's soup kitchen, she notices a homeless girl her age getting food there. At the same time, a bully, Heather Acosta, is teasing her because she can't find her stolen softball mitt. What could go wrong?


The theme of this story is never give up even though others turn you down. An example is when Sammy cracks a safe, the owner of the safe didn't think she could. I can relate to this theme because when I do my homework, I do it slow. So, my parents never think I can get my homework done in time for school the next day.