Tribal Tribune

November 13, 2015

Time for the Weekend!

Good Friday Afternoon Team!

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great week here at UC! We have a lot going on at this time of the year and you all do such a great job rolling with the changes and staying flexible. I think it is also noteworthy to add that I am very thankful for the conversations we have been able to have during professional development. As a staff I see each of you challenging yourself in areas to improve as educators. I hope you know that I not only appreciate that from you but it has really encouraged me to look for areas to grow and better serve you.

Looking at next week. During PD we will be back to the "Ditch BooK" and I am going to share some questions for you to ponder below. As you read through this weeks chapters (Ch. 20-24) look for that one golden nugget you can use immediately in your classroom.

Chapters 20-24

“Teachers must use the most effective methods available to help students learn.” (pg. 112)

  • Reflect on this statement: “Technology must be an inalienable right to students.” (pg. 112)

  • “YOU are your own best professional development.” (pg 119) What are you doing daily to grow as an educator?

  • How do you get your student’s attention? Give your sales pitch.

  • Now think about your content. What is one way you have created content or would like to in order to expand your reach?

Have a great weekend!