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This week: Working with YouTube videos in the classroom

With 100 hours of content uploaded to the service every minute, YouTube can seem like a jumble of laughing baby / musical pet videos. But with channels like Ted-Ed, Khan Academy, CrashCourse and SmarterEveryDay, quality content is just waiting to be incorporated into the curriculum -- and there are oodles of great tools to help you make the most of your classroom YouTube usage. Remember, downloading videos can be a violation of the provider's Terms of Service and the video owner's copyright, even for educational purposes. Do your legwork BEFORE you download any content from any provider!
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KeepVid: Download online videos from YouTube and more!

This snazzy tool is a free web application that enables users to download videos from 57 different sites - simply enter the video's URL and KeepVid will locate the download links available. A great antidote to blocking and buffering.

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EduCanon allows teachers to take existing video from YouTube and add their own content (like embedded questions, activities, etc.) to create flipped or blended classroom activities. The free service is tailor-made for a 1:1 environment.

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Quietube: Video without the distractions

Installing this handy extension in your toolbar is all you need to do to remove ads, sidebar content, comments, and other distractions that surround the video itself. You can also share a link of the video in Quietube mode. Works with Vimeo, too!