COCISD TECHegies - April 2022

Instructional Technology and Strategies for Student Success

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TECHegies - 4C's of Sound Technology Integration

Have you heard of the 4C's of sound technology integration? You should be using technology in your classroom to have students either Create something related to your lesson, work on effective Communication skills, practicing teamwork skills by Collaborating, and constantly working on their Critical thinking skills. If you do not have effective strategies in place and are not having the students engaged in one or more of the 4C's when you pull out the technology, you could essentially be distracting from the student's learning. Using TECHegies will increase engagement in the 4C's and decrease the digital time wasters.

Below you will find strategies that will help you ensure your technology use is lending to the learning intentions for your lesson.

Toward the bottom of the newsletter I have included a few upcoming opportunities for Professional Development. Take advantage of every opportunity to put tools in your toolbox!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or instructional technology needs!

And Another C of Technology - Connect - Make it Relevant with Flipgrid Live Events

Flipgrid Live Events connect classrooms to subject matter experts and resources while providing students access to amazing locations around the world.

SWIRL Strategy Highlight - CLASSROOM MINGLE - speaking, Interacting, and Listening

In Culinary Arts class if I asked a student to use the Rondeau Pan and the microplane for preparing their stew, I would receive strange looks! However, once the tools have been used and the student has prior knowledge the vocabulary is stored into their long term memory.

No matter which grade level or subject you are teaching, academic language and vocabulary acquisition are important.

SWIRL is an acronym for Speaking, Writing, Interacting, Reading, and Listening. The basic idea is that students can work on sharpening these language skills while they are gaining the necessary content specific skills they are needing to learn in each of their classes.

This is not anything extra that you have to do, this can actually help by giving you the strategies you need to help improve student engagement and content retention. I am only going to highlight a few of them in this newsletter but the list is endless. If you would like more details on these strategies, just ask!

SWIRLing In The TECH with Classroom Mingle Strategy

Prior to starting your Classroom Mingle set up a Google Jamboard and share it with your class in Edit Mode. Provide each pair time to summarize their discussion on a sticky note. At the end of the Classroom Mingle Session, you will have notes to pull from for your whole group discussions.

Write An If-Then Adventure Using Google Slides


Secondary Teachers here is a great way to incorporate technology into your classroom using a lesson plan from Google For Education. This would also be a great way to incorporate a SWIRL strategy! You can have your students writing and interacting to create a collaborative interactive story using Google Slides. Students will be applying digital skills while completing this writing collaboration, therefore this is a great real-world application for their future! After student complete the lesson, they will receive a certificate from Google listing the digital skills they have acquired. Click the image above to go to the site.


In this strategy from , the students will be using SWIRL strategies galore! The students will be speaking writing, interacting, reading, and listening during Cyber Sandwich! Watch the video below and then click these links to find the interactive student template using Cyber Sandwich for Grades 3-12 and a modified version called PB&J for grades K-2.
Cyber Sandwich EduProtocol

.....Or the Kami App Templates Library??

Professional Development Opportunities

How to Schedule Assignments for Multiple Classes in Google Classroom

🔥HOT Summer Learning


Includes " how to " video on school technology resources.

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Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Special Programs (Advanced Academics and ELL), Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD