The Big Violin

What is a cello

What is a cello a cello is a stringed instrument. It was made in the 1500s in France. The Cello was used for classical music orchestras . They were making the violin and cello at the same time. The cello is a part of the violin family. The the cello became very popular thought the 1500s because of its deep voice that is produces.


The cellos of the two are actually very the same. They both have the strings to actually play the insturment. And they are usually both made out of the same wood. Most of the time. They can both produce the same sound but the electric cello can prod use diffrent sounds.


And the cellos can be very different like one can play different sounds I mean so can the other cello but even louder. The electric cello is heavier than the regular cello because the regular cello is a lot lighter and hollow and the electric cello is filled with wires.