Wartime Propaganda

By: KK Porter

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Propaganda Technique: Band Wagon- following the crowd

Targeted Audience: Young Men

Citizenship Defined: During WWI all that fought in it were men, this poster is wanting all men to join because a cap can fit every head.

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Endorse a Cause

Propaganda Technique: Testimonial- giving stamp of approval hoping the audience will follow

Targeted Audience: Young Men

Citizenship Defined: Countries are appealing to young men by using a respected person to persuae them to join the army, hence convincing them that if they join they will be respected too.

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Saving Food for Soldiers

Propaganda Technique: Glittering Generality- employing statements honoring to feed the soldiers

Targeted Audience: Everyone who is not a soldier

Citizenship Defined: This appeals to the pathos of the common person who is not a soldier because soldiers are fighting for their safety so they at least save them food while they are fighting.

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Card Stacking

Propaganda Technique: Card Stacking- best case possible for one side and worst for opposing side

Targeted Audience: Everyone not in war

Citizenship Defined: By buying liberty bonds it helps support the war and by supporting the war they can take down the huns!

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Appealing to Women

Propaganda Technique: Band Wagon- follow the crowd

Targeted Audience: Women

Citizenship Defined: Now a days women can fight in the army but back then women could not, so this is appealing to women because they can help keep pour country safe.