What's In A Name?

By: Kailee Sanders

Team Information

Name of Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Country/State/City/Language: Memphis, Tennessee, USA, English

Region/Latitude/Longitude: Southeastern Region, Latitude-89.9711W, Longitude-35.1174N

Interesting Region Facts:

- Elvis Presley died in Graceland, TN

- Girl Scouts founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon in Georgia

- Coca Cola first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi in1894

Physical Features of Region:

-Baker Falls, TN

-Double Falls, TN

-Alie Mountain, TN

Team Mascot Information

Mascot: Grizzly Bear (Grizz)

Nicknames: Mounties & Grizzlies

How This Mascot Connects To The Team: In the Smokey Mountains, there are many bears.


Team Established: 1995

Founder of Team: Robert Pera

Location Chose Because: Memphis is a large city

How The Mascot Connects In History: There have been bear sightings in Smokey Mountains, and there is a national park called Wapusk National Park.


Stadium/Arena: The FedEx Forum

The Stadium Is Called This Because: FedEx bought and sponsors the arena.

Stadium's Other Name(s): None

Why Are Stadiums Getting Named After Businesses? So they can get more sponsors.