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First Stop: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Here we are at the start of our tour, in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a great place for music and has lots of churches and buildings for singing. A musician called Sweelinck succeeded his father as organist of the Oude Kerk (Old Church), Amsterdam, in about 1580. Sweelinck also died in Amsterdam.

Second Stop: Mons, Belgium

Here we are in Mons Belgium for our second stop of our tour. Mons was a special place in the history of music as Orlando di Lasso and Gilles Binchois were born here. As a child Orlando di Lasso was a choirboy at St. Nicholas in Mons and because of his beautiful voice was kidnapped three times for other choirs.

Third Stop: Antwerp, Belgium

We’re about halfway through our tour now and were taking a stop by Antwerp. First we will look in the city and then travel to a special destination. In general Antwerp is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe it also has a lot of musical beauties. Antwerp was apparently one of the only places the Sweelinck travelled to as he only travelled to the low countries. Now we will take you to the lovely Antwerp, Cathedral. The Antwerp Cathedral is one of the places were Jean de Ockeghem sang for people.

Fourth Stop: Munich, Germany

Now we hit our first stop outside of the low countries, in Munich. Munich today is still a place where you can see lots of churches and walk around and here music on the street if your in the right place. Munich is a sad place for music as it is where Orlando di Lasso died in 1594.

Fifth Stop: Cambrai, France

We go back into one of the low countries when we visit Cambrai. In Cambrai there is a church called Cambrai Cathedral which is a Roman Catholic Cathedral located in surprisingly enough Cambrai. A French composer called Guillaume Dufay was chorister at the Cambrai cathedral in 1409, and in 1428 he joined the papal singers. In 1426 he became a canon of Cambrai. After seven years with the Duke of Savoy he lived at Cambrai from about 1440 and supervised the music of the cathedral.

Sixth Stop: Tours, France

Unfortunately we have arrived at our last stop on our tour. We finish our tour in the lovely city of Tours in France. Tours is a lovely city which shines at night. There is a cathedral called St.Gatien Cathedral. The reason we have stopped in Tours is that it was the place where Jean de Ockeghem died back in 1474.

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