Technology In Education

Using Computers In The Classroom

Computers have revolutionized other industries by making processes digital and automated. In the classroom, computers are used for various activities by teachers, students and parents. This has made learning more effective and communication more efficient.

With more and more people using mobile computing devices and smart phones, it becomes easier to update the classroom with computing technologies.

Class Records

From the traditional handwritten class records, teachers now keep computerized class records that they could easily update on any computer in the network. The use of digital files also made the computation of grades automated and quick. Records can be put in a secured cloud account for ease of access from any computer.

Slideshow And Video Presentations

To enhance learning, teachers can include graphs, photos and videos in the class discussions easily. Scientific facts are easily understood through colored simulations.

Books And Research

Students no longer have to carry heavy loads when checking out books from the library. Books are saved in digital format and can be read on mobile devices. Online libraries also provide organized information to anyone who has a library account and an Internet connection.

Assignments And Projects

Beyond the typical text assignments, teachers may ask students to take pictures, create graphs, prepare Powerpoint presentations or record videos to present their assignments.

Communication With Students, Parents And Fellow Teachers

Teachers can create blogs and websites on the topics being discussed in class. Fellow teachers can contribute information to standardize the knowledge of students. Teachers can also send email reminders to students regarding assignments and exams. On the other hand, parents no longer need to frequently visit the school to inquire on their kids' classroom performance and instead, they can just communicate with the teacher through email.

More changes in the classroom is even expected in the coming years as computing devices and social communication technologies become more advanced.