Top 3 Take Aways

#1 Connected Educators

The power of networking with other educators is profound. If you are not on Twitter, you should be. If you are not blogging about your professional learning, you should be. The power of crowdsourcing whether it was collecting resources from sessions, sharing ideas, or connecting educators with common interests makes this essential to evolving from our isolationist classrooms. As George Couros shared, if you don't take charge of your Digital Footprint, someone else will. Digital portfolios aren't just for students, they're for educators too!

My action item: reactivate my blog and be more proactive at posting my resources, ideas, products, and tweets.

Here are some of my favorite resources related to this key idea.

#2 GAFE Leveled Up

Google Apps are nothing new to my teachers and schools. But what we can do with them can become increasingly more sophisticated and streamlined. Our teachers are ready to move beyond basic creation with Google.

My action item: Lead PD on Interactive Digital Notebooks with teachers to maximize instructional time and give students a digital archive.

Here are some more resources related to this concept.

#3 The Power of Coaching

This year, I found that although the sessions were really helpful, I really enjoyed more my role as a mentor and coach to the teachers from my school and coaches from my district who came to present. I was so proud of watching their growth as teachers and presenters as they tweaked their presentations to incorporate more of what they wanted out of the sessions they enjoyed and less of what they didn't enjoy.

Three of our Instructional Coaches presented an awesome session on PD that received rave reviews on Twitter. Our Middle School SLMC and IC did a great session on PD on demand. Three of our high school teachers presented their own breakout sessions for Math and Social Studies. It was very empowering to me to know that I had a role in helping them grow professionally be encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. I enjoyed the conversations over dinner about who on our staff would benefit from coming to NCTIES next year. #ProudMamaBear

My action items: Reach out to teachers at our school who might not think they are ready to present to a large group and encourage them to write a proposal or attend the conference next year.

Here are the sessions presented my group of chickadees.