Online Bullying

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What is Online Bullying?

Online bullying occurs when an individual is being bullied by another individual or a group of people through electronic technology. The bully can use personal information like phone numbers and emails to reach the victim whenever and wherever they choose, and send the victim abusive messages through mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter, emails and other chat rooms. Cyber bullies use technology to intentionally hurt victims continuously, which sometimes can even lead to death. Online victims can be reached anytime and anyplace.
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How can I handle online bullying?

There is a variety of different ways in which you can handle online bullying, these include;

~ Never giving out personal information

~ Not retaliating to hurtful or abusive messages, emails or texts, as it gives the cyber bully satisfaction and starts the whole cycle again and you wouldn’t want to be just as bad as the bully

~ Ensure that you do not befriend anyone who you do not know personally

~ Save the evidence. By saving or screen shooting these harmful messages and posts you can show a trusting adult and seek advice. If the situation was to escalate, you could use these messages and screenshots as evidence.

~ Talk to a trusted adult or even call a helpline and seek advice from them

~ Block the bully

~ Ignore the messages and posts

~ Make new friends if you're being bullied by your current friends

Emma's Story - Cyberbullied by a Best Friend

who can help??

If you are being bullied or harassed on the internet, it is important to notify an adult or someone you trust, or even seek advice from a professional. One website is the kids helpline, it’s a non judgemental counselling service for young people who get cyber bullied as well as many other issues, they provide free advice to a broad range of individuals through phone, email and over the internet. The website helps you with cyber bullying, and provides information on what cyber bullying is, how to identify if you’re getting cyber bullied, ways to avoid and prevention as well as many other useful advice for other topics.


The movie cyber bully is about a 17 year old high school student, Taylor Hillridge who becomes victim to online bullying. For her birthday she received a computer from her mother. However, Taylor soon finds herself the victim of betrayal and bullying while visiting a social website, and afraid to face her peers at school, including her best friend, Kay Panabaker, she is pushed to a breaking point.