Psychology teacher

Veyda Rios Lara

Job Description

Psychology teachers are responsible for creating leason plans and presanting the information to their students. If they work at a college level they are responsible for research and work publications.

Working Conditions

Often times teachers have to work with others, work can be done sitting down but often times walk around.At a college level often times after schools hours can be spent on research and lab work.
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Education Requirements

The requirements depend on the level of profession between college level and high school level. For a high school teacher ,a bachelor degree is needed and a teaching certificate. College level teachers need a professional degree and doctrine in psychology.
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Personal Characteristics

As a teacher, social skills are needed for this position. Organization is truly needed to be able to take care of papers and tests.

Earnings and Job Outlook

$79,350 can be earned annually at a college level at a high school level $37,230. The job outlook for psychology has increased 6% for 2022.Teachers often times don't have to work during summer months.

Education Spotlight

Standford Universty located in California ranks number one in their psychology program.

The Universty of Pennsylvania has one of the best psychology programs .