by: Pual Langan

Story element

Shattered takes place at a high school named Blueford during the present the main conflict is that Darcy is hiding a secret from her boyfriend and that Darcy dad wont stop drinking. The book begins with Darcy that is excited to see Hikeen for the first time in one year.

Character Analysis

The main Character is Darcy. Three words to describe her is she is mature and kind also she is very smart. The character is motivated by her dad,sister also her grandma. What i like about Darcy is that shes is a nice person and that she wont let anyone say anything about her. The relationship between Darcy and jammie is the could hate each other one day but the next day they could be the nicest people ever


The theme of the novel is theirs always a chance to forgive. one example that supports the theme is Jamie and Darcy forgive there dad for leaving them when they were little.Another example is Darcy forgives her dad for drinking. A third example is Darcy forgave her friend for liyeing to her. A final example that supports them is Darcy mom forgives her husband for lieing.


one connection is from the book the bully the main character got in a fight with his friend for a lie just like Darcy did.