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Additional details about planning for in-person learning!

Dear CHS Families,


Here is information to help you better understand what your answers on the current CUSD survey (Due Thursday at 4 PM) will mean for your child: (this survey is for 1st semester only)

CLICK HERE to complete the survey (Due Thursday, September 24th at 4PM)

Current planning at the high school allows us to bring a student on campus for one class or other in-person learning experience per day. What that means is that if your child is in one of the classes that we are starting in-person, your child will only come on campus for that class and report back home for the remainder of his/her Bridge learning. No students will be on campus on Mondays (report to school only on block days).

Phase 1: Cohort 1 students are already attending school Tues-Fri.

Phase 2: October 5th

Students with a Study Skills course (a special education course) will be invited to attend this class in person. If your child is in this class and you answer YES on the survey, you will get a personalized letter mailed home stating the details of your child’s in person learning opportunity.

For example, Monday everyone will stay home - If a student has Period 1 Study Skills he or she will stay home on Monday, then will come to school from 8 AM to 9:30 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays - If a student has Period 5 Study Skills, she or he will stay home on Monday, but come to school for Study Skills from 10 AM to 11:30 AM on Wednesday and Friday.

Phase 3: October 26th

Specific classes invited to in person learning are still being determined.

Additional Phases: TBD


Why can’t my child attend more than one class on the same day? Current guidance from the county does not allow your child to be with more than one cohort of his/her peers per day.

How does a cohort work at the secondary level?

Cohorting in secondary schools is very challenging, as the definition of cohorting is to keep one small group of students together for the entire day. With secondary students taking a variety of classes and levels, this creates multiple complexities.

Secure cohorts (one group of students) allows the school the opportunity to complete contact tracing if and when needed. Under current guidance this is the safest way for us to offer in-person learning experiences while managing the safety of our students and staff.

Here are examples of other cohorts that may be invited back for an in-person experience (these are samples only and are not confirmed as actual opportunities CHS will be offering):

  • In-person opportunity for extended time an on assessment

  • Special science lab presentation (one time event)

  • Special outdoor learning experience (could be a one time event or series of opportunities)

  • NJROTC special event

  • Club meeting (ONLY if the student has not already been on campus for another reason)

  • CoSA outside learning opportunity

  • Etc.

CLICK HERE to view an FAQ page for more information.

CLICK HERE to complete the survey (Due Thursday, September 24th at 4PM)

Please note that ALL information listed above is subject to change based on updated county guidance.

Send additional questions to or call 619-522-8907.

Families that do not submit a response to the CUSD survey will remain in their current placement (BRIDGE - 100% Distance Learning).


Shane Schmeichel