Charles the first monarchy

Learning targets

Cavaliers- wealthy nobles trained in warfare

Roundheads- Puritan clergy trained in warfare

Dissenters- Protestants who different with the Church of England

Petition of Right- prohibited the king from raising taxes without the consent of the Parliament or imprisoning anyone without cause.

Commonwealth- England as a republic was known as this

"If I'm not your monarch I will imprison you"

Political viewpoints and agenda

If someone didn't believe what he believed, they could be imprisoned

He believed that all the money should go to him and not the people

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Goals and accomplishments


To call on parliament when in need of funds

Impose high church Anglicanism on the Presbyterian scots

To continue James II's belief in the "Divine Right of Kings"


Known for his devotion to high church Anglicanism; named the Anglican Church's only royal martyred saint

Patronized visual arts

Produced a heir who succeeded him, Charles II, and a spare James II

How the monarch controlled:

Nobility- dissolved the parliament and refused to listen to them

Peasantry- heavily taxed citizens

Military- lacked professional officers

Religion- favored the High Anglican form of worship

Tax and spending- raised taxes unnecessarily