What Pugs are Like

Pugs are loyal pets. Pugs are all different you never get the same one. Don't get fooled by there small frame they can take down a Boston terrier. Pugs are good with kids and can be a alarm with there smell sense. Pugs can be 14 to 18 pounds and 14 to 19 inches tall.[the picture is a Boston terrier]

Sounds of a Pug

Pugs grunt,growl,bark,howl,and grumble. Some dogs can even talk human pugs can say i love you and a lot of other phrases.only if taught those words they may talk.If your dog will not talk try again after 48 trys and she or he will not talk try to wait do not force a dog or pug to talk she or he will never talk if this happens.

The Needs of the Pug

Pugs are needy they have exercise with out the walks then can become sick fat and have a lot of issues which can cause vet vists every week. Pugs need to be groomed every 5 days if not fleas or parasites can harm your pet.Their wrinkles need to be cleaned every 2-6 weeks.It will seem hard when you first get your pug it will get easier.A pug can become lazy they are but they will not walk.


The preparations for pugs are not that high . They need a puppy box which is wood fence or hard material with rug or towl in it.It can be high so they cant get out but not so high the mom cant get out. Heat it up to at least 85 degrees farenhight then your set.


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