Bio of Parker Blount

The Journey of a life time

My Family

Mother: Her name is Christy Cross. She works at the Huntsville Intermediate school as a fifth grade teacher. She is a great mother also.

Father: His name is Jw Blount. He is self-employed and runs his own plumbing business. He is a great father to have.

Brother: His name is Bridge Blount. He is currently enrolled at Sam Houston State and is playing football there. He is one of my best friends.

My family is fantastic. They are caring and very funny people. I love them all and couldn't live without them.

My Favorite Memory

The days got moved up to varsity. This was my dream since I started playing football. The day I got moved up my freshman year was the best day of my life.

The Gorilla

The gorilla is a very majestic creature in my opinion. They are loving and intelligent. I think their appearance is very unique and amazing.


This is my bread and butter. You might think "oh wow just another jock", but weightlifting lets me think and it keeps me out of trouble. I always wanted to be the strongest and I think I'm on my way.