Rodney Atkins

" Take a back road"


Rodney Atkins is a Country singer. He was born in 1969 March 28th in Knoxville Tennessee. His mother was 19 at the time so she put him up for adoption, because she didn't want her parents to know. He was then adopted but shortly returned after he became sick with a respiratory infection. He was finally adopted again, but again he was brought back because he became sick again with colic. So his first adoption family adopted him again and he didn't get sent back again. While in high school he played guitar at festivals and events on his free time. During the time in college he made friends with songwriters and shortly after began writing his own songs. In the mid 90’s he moved to Nashville and pursued in a recording career. In 1996 he signed a contract with Curb Records the same day as LeAnn Rimes .


T: To take a back road

P: Rodney Atkins talks about taking a back road instead of the interstate because hes tired of the city and just wants to enjoy the country where he grew up.

C: Hyperbole: " Put a little gravel in my travel"

A: Te speaker is stressed at the beginning, but then he gets calmer through the rest of the song.

S: There's not really any tonal shifts

T: The title means that he would rather take a back road home than being stuck in traffic and he also says that there better be a tractor causing traffic.

T: He just rally wants to take a back road home.

Take a Back Road Lyrics-Rodney Atkins