DCSD MS 2012-13 GT Report



At the middle school level, we have many active GT programs that were available to students. The following is a summary of the programs we offered this year, as well as comparison data from previous years. Read below to find our more information!

Overall Participation

# participating at all schools






Jefferson: 270 students

  • 6th grade=88
  • 7th grade=72
  • 8th grade=110
  • Male = 126
  • Female = 144

Roosevelt: 2074 participants

Washington: 336 students

6th grade = 104

7th grade = 132

8th grade = 100

Male: 155

Female: 181

General Intellectual

Spelling Bee


Twenty one students participated in our school-wide spelling bee. Five students were selected as sectional participants:

  • 6th grade - Carly Dalberg & Zaebian Weis.
  • 7th Grade - Brianna Heffner & Emma Wiebke.
  • 8th grade - Cody Bartels.

Cody Bartels was one of the top 10 finishers in our sectional bee and he participated in Regional Spelling Bee on March 9 at Clarke University.


Fifty-five students competed in the school-wide spelling bee. Six students advanced on to the sectional spelling bee. Five of those students placed high enough to advance to the regional competition. Two of those ERMS students tied for fifth place, winning prizes and awards.


There were 18 students that tried out for the Spelling Bee. From this group 5 students advanced to the first round. GWMS had three students, Trevor Menson, Elias Brehm, and Sibani Ram, advance to the regional competition.

Geography Bee


Eleven students qualified to participate in the school-wide geography bee. One sixth grade student was crowned the school GeoChampion. This student then took a written test, and qualified to advance onto the state level competition. He placed third and won prizes and awards.

Jefferson and Washington did not participate this year.

Chess Club

Jefferson: This activity was held after school with our LEAP program. An average of 5-8 participants attended.

Roosevelt: No chess club this year.

Washington: This activity was held after school with our LEAP program. An average of 5-8 participants attended.

Drexler Quiz Bowl

Jefferson did not participate this year.


Four students participated and took first place in the Drexler Quiz Bowl. Last year ERMS placed fifth.


GWMS had six students participate in the Quiz Bowl.

Specific Academic

Advanced Readers


2012-13 = 37 students (6th = 13 7th = 8 8th = 16)

Iowa Assessments:

  • 21/37 were at the 90th percentile or higher.
  • 24/36 met expected growth
  • Average number of points growth = 24 (average expected growth is 13 points)
  • Average # times expected growth = 1.66
  • Highest score = 349


  • 17/37 met target growth from Fall to Spring
  • 18/37 made improvement
  • Highest score = 251


6th -5/9 met target growth = 55.56%


2011-2012 = 26 students 38/68 met targeted growth from Fall to Spring. 41/68 improved

2012-2013 = 45 students


2011-2012 = 26 students 38/68 met targeted growth from Fall to Spring. 41/68 improved

2012-2013 = 45 students


6th grade: 10/17 met growth

7th grade: 5/10 met growth

8th grade: 6/18 met growth

Battle of the Books


Fourteen students represented Jefferson at the 2013 Battle of the Books competition between the three middle schools. Thank you to Samantha Hancock, Tech Coach/LRC for working with these teams.

6th grade: Elizabeth Freiburger, Grace Harwood, Taya Hess, Allison Klein, & Kayla LaPage

7th grade: Bobbi Jo Bellman, Marlonda Bell-Clark, Brianna Fry, and Evan Wieser

8th grade: Taylor Butler, Alyssa Hughes, Carrie Klein, Emily Schleter, & Jessica Stewart


ERMS was represented by three teams; one team for each grade level. These fourteen students won first place in each grade level.


There were 62 students that participated in the Battle of the Books at the school level. This included 34 6th graders, 13 7th graders, and 15 from 8th grade. The following students participated at the district level:

  • 6th Graders: Karoline Stratton, Maddie Day, Janelle Randolph, Cortlyn Bauer, & Ella Hartel
  • 7th Graders: Matthew Noel, Lauren Connolly, Neve Scott, Nadia Waid, & Sophie Mozena
  • 8th Graders: Mary Schober, Ellie Shearer, Maddie Shearer, Josie Mills, & Grace Gudenkauf

Book Club

Reading teacher Shayna Boxleiter sponsored a book club for students who love to read independently. Students met with Mrs. Boxleiter on Wednesdays for 30 minutes to discuss selected books. This was a new program for the 2012-13 school year.

  • 6th Grade: Grace Hoyne, Laine Sanderson, Mercedes Schwartz, Madison Wemmer, Morgan Ostrander
  • 7th Grade: Marlonda Bell-Clark, Katie Block, Alexis Ernzen, Alexis Kemp, Dakota Thompson, Ashley Schmitt, Tasheka Sample
  • 8th Grade: Katie Nelson

Language Arts Honors

  • 56 students enrolled at the 8th grade level.


  • 157 students enrolled at the 7th/8th grade levels.


  • 107 students enrolled at the 7th/8th grade levels.

Math Honors

  • 130 students enrolled at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels.


  • 348 students enrolled at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels.


  • 177 students enrolled at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels.

Science Honors

  • 52 students enrolled at the 8th grade level.


  • 175 students enrolled at the 7th/8th grade levels.


  • 119 students enrolled at the 7th/8th grade levels.



2012-13 12 students (6th = 5; 7th = 3; 8th = 4)

Iowa Assessments

  • 9/12 met expected growth
  • Average number of points growth = 20 (average expected growth is 15)
  • Average # of times expected growth = 1.4
  • Highest score: 323


  • 7/12 met targeted growth
  • 11/12 made improvement from Fall to Spring
  • Highest score: 292


6th = 17 students

11 met/exceeded their target growth = 65%

7th = 12 students

8 met/exceeded their target growth = 67%

8th = 14 students

8 met / exceeded their target growth = 57%


6th = 5 students

3 met/exceeded their target growth = 60%

7th = 8 students

4 met/exceeded their target growth = 50%

8th = 6 students

3 (of 5) met/exceeded their target growth = 60%

Math Olympiads


Math Olympiads materials were used by 38 6th grade enrichment (honors) math students to encourage math skills and competitive math in the future. Teachers leading the Math Olympiads were Leah Decker and Jill Duggan.

Jefferson mathletes won national awards for excellence within Division E for grades 4-6. Jefferson had 14 students earn this award.

The following students earned the felt patch (top 50% of all participants): Sami Clark, Brandon Doser, Julie Hammerand, Cole Heim, Benjamin Hermiston, Grace Harwood, Kaitlyn Howard, Megan Kaufmann, Hannah Kramer, Kayla LaPage, Wesley Meyer, Ted Spring, Bailey Smith & Stephanie Stewart.

2011-12: 14 students won national awards for excellence within Division E for grades 4-6.


Eighty-eight ERMS students participated in Math Olympiads this year.


We had 53 students participate in the Math Olympiads this year. While all students will receive a certificate of participation, 28 students will receive a patch, pin, and/or trophy. Teachers leading Math Olympiads were Karen Rothert and Katie Wernimont.

Math Counts


Thirteen students participated in MathCounts during the 2012-13 school year. Ben Meier served as the team's coach.

  • 6th grade: Laine Sanderson & Moriah Zimmerman*
  • 7th grade: Max Coenen*, Brianna Fry, Evan Wieser, & Brandon Xicon*
  • 8th grade: Megan Gronau, Paisley Kascel*, Carrie Klein, Noah Sabers, Emily Schleter*, Cheyanne Schmitt, Jessica Stewart*, & Josh Zimmerman*

* participated at the competition on Saturday, February 16th at Washington Middle School.


Eleven students participated in MathCounts this year.

ERMS placed third in the team competition.

ERMS had one student that placed in the top 10 (3rd place, to be exact)


There were 17 students that participated in Math Counts. In March they competed at the State level. The team finished fourth at the state competition. Thanks to Brandon Yuan, Jesse Hannen, Wes Brimeyer, and Elias Brehm. Coach: Karla Digmann. Read more in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald article.

Wahlert Math Contest


Jefferson was the first place winner in the AA Division at the Wahlert Math Contest on Saturday, March 23. Ryan Kelly and Patt Henry served as team coaches.

Participants included:

  • 7th grade: Max Coenen, Ethan Healey, Koehler Miller, Emma Wiebke, & Brandon Xicon
  • 8th grade: Carrie Klein, Noah Sabers, Emily Schleter, Jessica Stewart, and Josh Zimmerman

Individual Awards (19 participants)

2nd Place - Noah Sabers

Honorable Mentions: Carrie Klein, Jessica Stewart, Josh Zimmerman


Twenty-four ERMS students participated in the Wahlert Math Competition.

A team consisting of five ERMS students placed first with a score of 328, beating out Washington’s team by 21 points.

  • 1st Place - Grace Tsui
  • 2nd Place - Collin Sindt
  • Honorable Mentions: Drake Oswald, Joyce Sun, Maya George, Karthik Dharmalingam, Tessa Kemp


Students also participated in the Wahlert Math Contest. There were 11 students competing. As a team GWMS took 2nd place.

3rd Place - Wes Brimeyer -

Honorable Mention: Jesse Hannan, Brandon Yuan, Matthew Noel

Science Bowl


Jefferson had 10 participants in the science bowl held at Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School on November 3, 2012. Our science bowl team was coached by Amy Haverland. Science Bowl team members included:

  • 6th grade = Ted Spring.
  • 7th grade = Brianna Fry & Emma Wiebke.
  • 8th grade = Lizzie Grace, Megan Gronau, Adam Kuennen, Adam Mueller, Noah Sabers, Jessica Stewart, & Josh Zimmerman.

Jefferson Team B - Lizzie Grace, Noah Sabers, Ted Spring, Adam Kuennen, and Jessica Stewart won 2nd place overall in the team quiz bowl competition.

Noah Sabers was selected as a member of the all-star team. Ten students were chosen for the all-star team who answered the most correct answers during competition.


Ten students from ERMS participated in the Science Bowl this year.

ERMS placed first in Quiz Bowl Rankings.

One student from ERMS was a first place All-Star Winner.

Two ERMS students scored in the top 10 (3rd & 5th ) of the top individual point earning rankings.


We had 5 students participate. This was a combination of 7th and 8th graders.

Girls in Engineering

Eight 7th grade girls from each middle school were selected for STEM event at John Deere called "Girls in Engineering." This opportunity allowed girls to participate in a mentorship experience exploring different facets of engineering as a future career. This was a new program in which all middle schools participated.

Jefferson: Bobbi Jo Bellman, Charisma Cruz, Ashton Esser, Brianna Fry, Heather Hostager, Jeni McGlynn, Valerie Steffens, & Ashley Thill.


ERMS had eight seventh grade females participate.


GWMS had eight seventh grade females participate.

Check out the Dubuque Telegraph Herald article for more information.

Young Citizen's Forum

The Young Citizen’s Forum Summit was held on Thursday, February 28th at the NICC Town Clock Center. This year’s topics included:

  • Local Topic: How can DCSD maintain nutritional value and student-friendly appeal while meeting national health standards for school lunches?
  • National Topic: Should year-round schooling be mandated nation-wide?
  • International Topic: How and why can the world community create a coordinated effort to conserve and preserve endangered and wild animals?


Jefferson had 47 participants in YCF.Thank you to coaches Katherine Thimmesch, Amy Haverland, and Betsy Pelkey for working with our YCF group. Jefferson had 3 outstanding delegates at this year's summit: 6th grade - Isaac Cretsinger & Vera Weis and 8th grade - Emily Schleter.


Thirteen students participated in YCF this year.

ERMS took first place in the Local Topic.

ERMS took first place in the National Topic.


There were 47 students that participated in YCF. Students had a fun filled day attending the forum at NICC. Hudson Koehler and Michael Harrison were named “Outstanding Delegates”. GWMS did earn the Diplomacy Award for the International topic.

NASA Design / Triple AAA

Jefferson: NASA Design Challenge was coordinated through LEAP and led by Joe Dolan. Eight students participated.


ERMS had eleven students participate in Triple AAA this year.


NASA Design Challenge was coordinated through LEAP and led by Joe Dolan.Six students participated.


Student Council


Student government representatives were selected by homebases as student leaders. They planned three Jefferson dances, improve school climate and culture through Spirit Week, and sponsored a Mini Dance Marathon in conjunction with Loras College. Student government's mentors were Emily McCullough and Elizabeth Bushman.

  • 6th Grade: Zach Edgington, Garrett Trimborn, Taya Hess, Garrett Long, & Caryn Chapman
  • 7th Grade: Ashley Schmitt, Julia Meehan, Latrell Vance, Addison Kalb, Alex Ward, Denny Doerr, Ben McClanahan, Taylor Greenwald, & Noah Dougherty
  • 8th Grade: Cody Grass, Kasey Mills, Emily Schleter, Danny Hoover, Logan Moore, & Robert Kircher


ERMS has 27 students on Student Council this year.


We had 19 students participate in Student Council. Last year we had 18.

Student Ambassadors


In conjunction with Student Council, Student Ambassadors which consisted of 70 students worked together.
These groups led community tours, incoming 5th grade orientation, snacks at conferences, and Open House.

Student Culture/Climate Organizations

Jefferson: Anti-Bullying Alliance - ABA

Sixteen 8th grade students worked with guidance counselor Paula Baumann to improve Jefferson's climate and culture, striving to end bullying at TJMS. These student leaders spoke out and led activities including: Mix-It-Up at Lunch, Conflict managers, and Pen Pals. They also sponsored "No Unkind Words" week with activities for students to participate in and are creating a video about respect for the student body. Two members of our ABA group, Chelsea Molzoff and Tayler Reynolds were selected to attend Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's Bullying Prevention Summit in November 2012.

ABA Members: Rashawn Carter, Chelsea Molzoff, Tayler Reynolds, Katie Nelson, Josie Schoenberger, Summer McCallum, Logan Ludovossy, Dylan Hinman, Annika Hogstrom, Riley Merfeld, Makayla Lurry, Nicole Kinzle, Edie Hill, Andrew Molzof, Eryn Davis, & Mia Burns.

Check out the finale for "No Unkind Words Week" by clicking here. Plus our newly created video promoting respect which is below.


ERMS has an anti-bully group (ABC). This is a leadership opportunity that is made up of 21 students.

ERMS also has a Student Voice Club. This is also a leadership club created as a result of our schools’ PBIS involvement.


70 students participated in No-Dis in 2012-13.

5th Grade Orientation Leaders


Twenty-two 6th grade students participated in a leadership program that culminated with students leading of our 5th grade orientation on April 11th. Katherine Thimmesch mentored these students. Students participated as program emcees, vignette actors, and room hosts.

Orientation Leaders: Kyla Boyce, Sami Clark, Zach Edgington, Cassidy Emerson, Gabby Fondell, Emma Frieburger, Jasmine Greve, Taya Hess, Drew Kirton, Allison Klein, Garrett Long, Olivia Meyer, Madi Peter, Eulalia Redcloud, Terrell Ried, Amber Schatzabel, Aaron Schmitt, Joe Vize, Dylan Weaver, Madison Wemmer, Zaebian Weis, & Lucas Zmudka


ERMS had twenty-one sixth grade students participate in familiarizing incoming 5th graders to our school. They traveled to our feeder schools, answered questions and tried to make the students feel a bit more at ease about the enormous transition.


Washington's student ambassadors assisted with planning 5th grade orientation.

Student-Produced News Programs


TJMS Live (formerly Jefferson Java) is a student-produced news program. This group was mentored by our Technology Coach, Samantha Hancock. A DRA grant provided an equipment upgrade. Equipment and software issues unfortunately caused the show to not be televised for the majority of the spring, which severely limited the amount of participation.

12 cast and crew members: Alex Sprecher, Mia Burns, Megan Gronau, Nathan Feldman, Lydia Johnson, Jack Roussel, Taylor Rehfeldt, Kara Greve, Kristan Brown, Logan Reavis, McKenna Johnson, & Marshon Crowder

2011-12: 28 students participated

2010-11: 20 students participated


ERMS had 53 students participate in making Raptor TV a success this year!


This year we had 36 students participate in Wash TV. Last year we had 40 students.

Creative Thinking

Writing Contests


80 students participated in writing contests.

Martin Luther King, Jr Contest: Jefferson had almost 100 poster and essay submissions to this contest that was held in late November. Two Jefferson 8th students were selected as the 1st and 2nd place winners in the essay contest. Michaela Uptegraph won 1st place with her essay. Mia Burns won 2nd place with her essay. We have not placed in this competition in recent memory.

Elk's Lodge Writing Contest: "What Does the National Anthem Mean to Me". Students needed to write an essay explaining the importance of the National Anthem and how it affects their lives today.

  • 1st place: Brody Leibfried
  • 2nd place: Jessica Stewart
  • 3rd place: Lydia Johnson
  • 12 Honorable Mention Winners

Creative Communication Fall Essay Contest: 18 students had their essays published in this anthology.

Creative Communication Fall Poetry Contest: 32 students had their poems published in this anthology.

Creative Communication Spring Poetry Contest: 30 students had their poems published in this anthology.


110 students participated in writing contests this year. Highlights include:

Letters to Literature = 22 students

  • Third Place: Haejin Han who wrote to Rachel Roberts about Circles in the Stream
  • Honorable Mention Marcella Anderson who wrote to Dr. Seuss about King Looie Katz
  • 1 finalist
  • 1 semi-finalist

Dare Essay Contest = 68

ERMS Poetry Alive video below.


Martin Luther King, Jr Contest:

GWMS had approximately 82 students participate in the MLK Contest. Winners included:

· Ellie Akins and Elle McDonnell - first place essay

· CJ Clarke – second place multimedia

· Nadia Waid – first place poster contest

Katrina Owesby had one of her poems chosen to be included in the Anthology of Poetry.

ERMS Poetry Alive


eCYBERMISSION summit was held at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium on March 20. Schools selected 2 or 3 teams to attend. At the summit they participated in water testing, an animal encounter, poster presentation, met with experts in their field, and learned more about the Coastal America Summit.


We had a record of 32 participants who started and completed the eCYBERMISSION process (55 students who indicated interest). This activity is an optional activity that took place during our Activity Block. Emily McCullough and Michelle Weber served as mentors for the teams. The Foodies and Pie Lovers participated in the summit. Students participating included: Emily Schleter, Jessica Stewart, Breana Freihoefer, Jeni McGlynn, and Sara Swank

2011-12: 6 students participated

2010-11: 14 students participated


148 students from ERMS participated in eCybermission this year.

ERMS had one 8th grade team place first in the state of Iowa

ERMS had one 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams each place second in their grade level in the state of Iowa.

ERMS took ten students to the eCyber Summit at the River Museum.


GWMS had 36 students participate in the eCybermission during the 2012-2013 school year. This is a change from the 60 students that participated last year.

Charlie Klapatauskas, Matt Connolly, Amana Waller, Jaxan Shaw-Vanetta, Austin Manders, and Ryan Dunwoody attended the showcase at the National Mississippi River Museum.

First Lego League


2012-13 was the inaugural year for Jefferson's First Lego League Team. Our focus this year was on Senior Solutions, robot games, teamwork, and fun. The team competed in a regional FLL competition at Washington Middle School on December 8, 2012. Amy Haverland and Michelle Weber served as coaches. Mark Zimmerman and Katie from John Deere Dubuque Works served as engineering mentors for our team.

The members of the Galactic Unicorns included:

  • 6th grade: Elizabeth Frieburger, Kayla LaPage, Tyler Lyons, Stephanie Stewart, and Moriah Zimmerman.
  • 7th grade: William Allman & Mason Kobliska
  • 8th grade: Adam Kuennen, Noah Sabers, & Josh Zimmerman


ERMS had 10 LegoLeague participants this year. This was our first year involved in this competition.

ERMS team won 1st place in “Team Performance”


Competitive Lego League was offered as a class during our ELT (extended learning time) and was coached by Lauren Lieurance. Through the ELT format, we were able to have 97 students participate in FLL. From this, ten students competed in the competition. While the student s did not win an award, they did have strong presentation earning a 3 out of 4. Mechanical design earned a 2 out of 4 - “developing”. For programing they earned 3 out of 4 points.

Visual & Performing Arts



Director: Brian Hughes

45 members


Director: Tracey Rush

179 ERMS students involved.

Check out the original piece developed by a Roosevelt student and performed by its orchestra below.


Director: Michelle Mentz

GWMS had 47 students participate in orchestra during the 2012-2013 school year.

ERMS Orchestra



Director: Beth Wirtanen

62 members


Director: Dan Norman

129 students involved


Director: Deb Stevens

GWMS had 125 students participate in band during the 2012-2013 school year.



Director: Mary Saunders-Olgesby

59 members


Director: Marlene Schollmeyer

121 students involved


Director: Steve Slade

GWMS had a total of 97 students participate in choir during the 2012-2013 school year.

Honors Music Ensembles


TJMS Jazz is an audition-only ensemble composed of 7th, and 8th grade students. This ensemble often performs at various events throughout the community.

  • 7th grade: Bobbi Jo Bellman, Brianna Fry, Ethan Healey, Michaela Henry, Jonah Oberfoell, Kim Reuter, Robin Smith, & Evan Wieser
  • 8th grade: Cody Bartels, Taylor Butler, Heather Dean, Lizzie Grace, Adam Mueller, Tabitha Smith, Jacob Tuecke, Michaela Uptegraph, & Samantha Wieland

Check out a jazz band performance from the Talent Show.

Wind Ensemble is group of 7th and 8th grade students who are selected as talented musicians. They have performed at various community events during the school year including the Roshek Building during the holiday season and for the Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools.

  • 7th Grade: Bobbi Jo Bellman, Samantha Duve, Brianna Fry, Michaela Henry, & Jonah Oberfoell
  • 8th Grade: Cody Bartels, Taylor Butler, Heather Dean, Lizzie Grace, Alyssa Hughes, Adam Mueller, Tayler Reynolds, Erika Smith, Michaela Uptegraph, & Samantha Wieland

Check out a performance of the Wind Ensemble at the Roshek Building below.


Dan Norman holds a GT “Percussion Raptors” group during activity time twice a month. This group is comprised of seven gifted students.

The following number of students received a Superior + rating at the northeast iowa Bandmasters Association Large Group Contest in March.

Oboe: 2

Flute: 13

Clarinet: 10

Bass Clarinet: 1

Bassoon: 2

Alto Sax: 5

Tenor Sax: 3

Baritone Sax: 1

Trumpet: 9

Horn: 4

Trombone: 8

Euphonium: 2

Tuba: 2

Percussion: 13


This year we had 15 students participate in Honors Band. We had 49 students last year.

  • Allison Steger, Flute; Dannika Grant, Flute; Ruby Davis, Flute; Autumn Wernimont, Flute
  • Kristin Rasmussen, Clarinet
  • Connor Ripperger, Alto Saxophone
  • Thomas Pelelo, Tenor Saxophone
  • Jamal Cheatham, Trumpet, Mike Grant, Trumpet
  • Tyler Schmit, Trombone, Isaac Snyder, Trombone, Martin Winders, Trombone, Michael Harrison, Trombone
  • Seth Taylor, Percussion, Brandon Yuan, Percussion

We had 7 students participate in Honors Orchestra:

  • Maddie Hawkins, Katrina Owensby, Jacob Odegard, Adria Hogan, Megan Ferguson, Aaron McDermott, Jenna Frey

TJMS Band Roshek 3.MOV

Honors Choir Ensembles


In addition to weekly practices, students in the Celebration Choir had the opportunity to work with Hempstead High School choir director Terri Slade to improve their vocal performance & technique.

23 students were selected for Celebration Choir in 2012-13.

6th grade: Noah Capaul, Cassidy Emerson, Grace Hoyne, Natalie Leach, Ali Naab, Morgan Ostrander, Ted Spring, Abby Thill, Vera Weis, Zaebian Weis

7th grade: Max Coenen, Patricia Droessler, Justice Heinhold, Grace Jackson, Hannah Jackson, Koehler Miller, Sara Swank, Evan Wieser

8th grade: Alexis Decker, Abby Gilles, Lizzie Grace, Megan Gronau, McKenna Johnson,

2011-12 18 students

2010-11 17 students


121 participants


We had 5 students participate in the Honors Choir. They consists of Connor Rippenger, Eleanor Shearer, Hannah Laubscher, Mary Hartel, and Alexia Kahle.

Individual Musician Accolades


Loras Honor Band: 2012 participants:

  • 7th grade: Brianna Fry, Bobbi Jo Bellmann, & Jonah Oberfoell
  • 8th grade: Tayler Reynolds, Lizzie Grace, Samantha Wieland, Adam Mueller, Taylor Butler, Heather Dean, & Cody Bartels

ICDA Honor Choir: Two Jefferson students were chosen to participate in ICDA Honor Choir on February 19th.

  • 7th grade: Maxfield Coenen and Evan Wieser



Madelyn Hawkins participated in the Iowa Junior Honor Orchestra in November of 2012 and the Iowa String Teachers State Orchestra in May of 2013.


Jefferson: Annie Jr

Jefferson Middle School will present Annie, Jr on May 17-18. This musical features a cast of 34, a chorus of 21, and crew of 26. This year's musical has 16 leads.

Annie Jr Leads:

  • Annie: Madeline Perreard & Samantha Fiegen
  • Warbucks: Noah Sabers & Koehler Miller
  • Miss Hannigan: Abby Gilles & Marlonda Bell-Clark
  • Grace Ferrell: McKenna Johnson & Jeni McGlynn
  • Rooster: Max Coenen & Zaebien Wies
  • Lily St. Regis: Sara Schroeder & Samantha Wieland
  • Molly: Heather Hostager & Grace Jackson
  • Pepper: Tabitha Smith & Tayler Reynolds

Our leads worked with co-directors Emily Zebarth and Jill Duggan, as well as with Mary Ogelsby, Elizabeth Griesinger, Aaliyah Fondell, and Sam Zebarth in order to develop their skills in the performing arts.

Roosevelt: Dear Edwina

ERMS performed “Dear Edwina” this year. There were 42 cast members.

Washington: Once Upon a Mattress

This year GWMS performed “Once Upon a Mattress”. There were 77 cast members with an additional 39 crew members. “Once Upon a Mattress” had 2 casts with 5 leads each.

Talent Show


Jefferson's 3rd annual talent show was a showcase for talented students in the area of performing arts. Students auditioned and were selected in different areas including: singing, dancing, playing piano or guitar, performing as an ensemble, or even stand-up comedy.

  • 6th Grade: Gavin Reynolds
  • 7th Grade: Marlonda Bell-Clark, Bobbi Jo Bellman, Charisma Cruz, Jeremiah Franklin, Brianna Fry, Justice Heinhold, Michaela Henry, Grace Jackson, Hannah Jackson, Mason Kobliska, Jonah Oberfoell, Kim Reuter, Robin Smith, & Evan Wieser
  • 8th grade: Carmen Ames, Cody Bartels, Ben Briones, Taylor Butler, Marshon Crowder, Heather Dean, Alexis Decker, Lizzie Grace, Megan Gronau, Annika Hogstrom, Paisley Kascel, Adam Mueller, Tayler Reynolds, Kyle Ridgeway, Tabitha Smith, Amber Smothers, Jacob Tuecke, Michaela Uptegraph, & Samantha Wieland

To see some of our talented performers, check out the videos on our Facebook page.



This year GWMS had a total of 18 performances try out for the talent show. From there 12 performance were selected. Students performed on a Thursday evening for their families, faculty, and friends. Six performances were then chosen to perform for their peers during an assembly the next day. All students received participation ribbons.

Art Show

No art shows were participated in this year.

Art Enrichment

Jefferson: Creative Arts offered through LEAP. Approximately 20 students participate.

Roosevelt: ERMS had 52 students participate in Art Enrichment this year.

Washington: Art enrichment is offered as an ELT. 109 students participated.

Art Contests


Six TJMS students were selected to have artwork displayed in the Dubuque Architecture Show from April 22 - May 2 in the Roshek Building.

  • 8th grade: Murphy Bleymeyer, Casey Brayton, Cody Delaney, Bailey Hansen, Noah Kuhn, and Alex Sprecher.


ERMS had 5 students participate in the Architecture show.


no participants.

Belin-Blank Summer Institute


Selected to attend the Belin-Blank Summer Institute

  • Bailey Hansen, House 8-2, Visual Arts
  • Annika Hogstrom, House 8-1, Social Sciences
  • Paisley Kascel, House 8-2, Performing Arts
  • Rebecca Schueller, House 8-2, Global and Cultural Studies

Alternates for Belin-Blank Summer Institute

  • Max Coenen, House 7-2, Invention & Innovation
  • Logan Ellingboe, House 7-2, Creative Writing
  • Heather Hostager, House 7-2, Advanced Science
  • Carrie Klein, House 8-1, Math Problem Solving


Selected to attend the Belin-Blank Summer Institute

  • Maxwell McIntyre - Advanced Science
  • Justin Blum - Creative Writing
  • Karthik Dharmalingam - Global & Cultural Studies
  • Casey Nichols - Invention & Innovation
  • Grace Tsui - Math Problem Solving
  • Triclyn Flogel - Performing Arts
  • Kerry Houlihan - Social Sciences
  • Rachel Ryan - Visual Arts


Selected to attend the Belin-Blank Summer Institute

  • Matthew Noel - Innovation and Invention
  • Haley Rhoads - Performing Arts
  • Max Steinhauser - Social Sciences
  • Ben Schultz - Global and Cultural Studies

Alternates for Belin-Blank Summer Institute

  • Brandon Yuan – Math Problem Solving
  • Will Woodward - Advanced Science
  • Brittany Smith – Creative Writing

Middle School GT Facilitators

Thomas Jefferson Middle School:

Michelle Weber 552-4708

Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School:

Christy Watson 552-5018

George Washington Middle School:

Linda ZIllig 552-4804