Same-sex marriage controversy

Same-sex marriage is currently still a controversial topic in the christian community. Many religious radicals who oppose homosexuality, such as Kim Davis and the Westboro Baptist Church cite multiple passages from the bible as proof that homosexuality is a sin. However many biblical scholars question the legitimacy of these messages.
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Old Testament

Most condemnations of homosexuality reside in the Old Testament, with one of the most popular passages being the story of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19). The story goes that God sent two angels disguised as men to the city of Sodom, where the men of the city attempt to rape them, leading to them being blinded by the angels and the city destroyed by God. Some believe this story is evidence that God opposes homosexuality, however many observant scholars point out that the only form of same-sex relations described in the story is non-consensual gang rape.
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The most frequent criticisms of homosexuality come from Leviticus, which states that homosexuality is an abomination. While the message here is clear, the legitimacy of Leviticus is questionable. First of all, Leviticus not only bans same-sex relationships, but labels them a crime worthy of execution. Not only that, but Leviticus says the same thing about eating pork and shellfish, and about charging interest on loans, as well as many other bizarre restrictions that are not nearly as controversial as homosexuality in our modern society.

New Testament

While the New Testament persecutes homosexuality less than the Old Testament, it still has it's fair share of condemnations. The apostle Paul, in one of his letters to the Corinthians, stated that male prostitutes and homosexual offenders, as well as many others would not inherit the kingdom of God. The issue here is one present in the rest of the bible as well, being the translation. Most of the terms in the bible are translated from Greek, which allows for many different interpretations. Many scholars believe the correct meaning of male prostitute and homosexual offender in this circumstance refers to sex slavery and pedophilia as opposed to the other interpretation. As for Jesus Christ himself, he never spoke of homosexuality. He did however condemn sexual immorality, but most would interpret this as referring to acts such as adultery, pedophilia, rape, etc.
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So in the end, most of the criticisms of same-sex marriage originate from strict interpretations and following the letter of the bible as opposed to it's spirit. While most practicing Christians have managed to update their practices, some still stick to their extremist views. It can only be hoped that in time these individuals will relinquish their weak arguments and see the logic in the situation.