Charity : Water

Lack of clean water

Did you know that there are 345 million people in Africa without clean, safe drinking water that is close to them? Within those people, 80% of illnesses are from unsafe water. Another shocking fact is that more people in the world have mobile phones than people with toilets. Imagine being one of the people who has to walk a really long way to get water. Then once walking there, having to carry over 40lbs. of water on your back. Women and children are the people that go and get the water. With most people walking every single day to get water, that is over 40 billion of wasted hours a year total in Africa. The people could be using that time to get an education, or get a job.

Charity : Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Scott Harrison was the founder of a non-profit charity that helps people from all over the world be able to drink and use clean, safe water. The charity has funded 11,712 water projects from all over the world. The charity doesn't only fund wells, but it also funds sanitary toilets. Scott and the rest of his crew have been helping people not only drink safe, clean water, but he has been helping people drink safe water that is close to them. The charity has put wells near villages, so the people don't have to waste as much time walking to get the water. The charity has built and dedicated wells in 22 different countries. From the workers building wells, and all the money that has come in, 4,100,000 more people can drink clean, safe water.

How to get involved

People all over the world can help donate to this organization so more people can have clean water. To help, you can volunteer at partner organizations that work with Charity : Water. That is a great way to put in time helping people all over the world. Another thing you can do to help this charity is donating. You can set a goal of how much money you want to donate by getting help from friends and family. Making an account on their website is a great way to keep track of donating money and staring campaigns.


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