Assessment for Learning

By: Shantay Roberts


The video on Assessment for learning talked about some very important details and key ideas for learning. The five step strategies and some other suggestions with the strategies. I really enjoyed all five strategies because as I have stated before I work with first grade students and I have students that fall in the range of each strategy. I really believe in providing positive feed back to all of my students. In the video it mentions "proving feedback that moves learners forward" (Rystad, ,2013).

I believe that to boost the child's momentum and to keep them in the mindset that learning is need and fun we must provide positive feedback. Providing positive feedback helps promote education and helps learners move forward.

Negative feedback on the other hand gives the complete opposite of what we as educators are trying to promote. It makes the students feel bad and causes their motivation about education take a turn for the worse and we don't want that to happen so we must be positive in every way for the students.

I have some students that will sit and wait on the teacher to get the answer or for their partner to give them the answer so that's why I think the "C3B4ME" (Rystad, M. 2013) is great. I understand that everyone learns and process information differently but they must at least try to get the answer just to see them try is a major step.


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