Día De Reyes (The Three Kinds Day)

By: Alyssa and Emily Hoppie


The Three Kings Day originated in Mexico and the holiday takes place on January sixth. It represents the hight of the Christmas season.

What do you bring?

As well as opening presents on Christmas, many people open gifts on January sixth. People being presents and food to celebrate. They also bring a shoe to put under the tree where the three kings bring people their presents.
This is a picture of the three kings that brought Jesus presents when he was born.

The three kings are kind of like Santa because they give people presents.

This picture is of a boy putting his shoes under the tree at night so that in the morning there will be presents in them from the three kings.

Why it is important to the people

It is an important religious holiday to many people because it represents the day when the three kings brought Jesus gifts when he was born.
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It is traditional that people eat king cake on January sixth.


People wear what they generally wear on Christmas.


-January 6th is not a holiday that people celebrate in the United States.

-We celebrate christmas and open presents on December 25.

-The Three Kings Day has the three kings and Christmas has Santa Claus


-people open presents

-people get together to celebrate a religious holiday.