Eleamantary Teacher

Career Information

What do people in this occupation do?

  • Teach Elementary students
  • Teach all Subjects
  • Teach them basics of all subjects

Working Conditions

  • work with younger children
  • having face to face discussion
  • determine tasks, priorities, and goals

Physical Demand

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Talking
  • May be running

Required to Know and Do

  • requirement to teach
  • required license to teach
  • able to communicate, inspire trust, motivate students and understand students' needs
  • required to know about which subject they are teaching
  • they needs to know how to communicate with parents

How do People in this occupation prepare for it?

  • need bachelor's degree is most common or master degree
  • need student teaching to become competent

Licensin or Certification and how to get it?

  • required Teaching License
  • Type of Certificate : National Board Certification - Early and Middle Childhood Certificate/Art
    National Board Certification - Early and Middle Childhood Certificate/English as a New Language
    National Board Certification - Early Childhood through Young Adulthood/Library Media
    National Board Certification - Early and Middle Childhood/Music
    National Board Certification - Early and Middle Childhood/Physical Education
    National Board Certification - Early and Middle Childhood/Literacy: Reading - Language Arts
  • link for how to get license : http://education.state.mn.us/mde/edexc/licen/

How much do elemantary teachers earn in teaching?

Wages for Elementary School Teachers

Area Low Median High


$36,116.42 $54,129.01 $84,295.29


$35,964.37 $57,545.02 $98,283.69

Central Minnesota

$35,818.40 $52,832.55 $74,306.76

Northeast Minnesota

$32,030.39 $53,314.03 $82,502.14

Northwest Minnesota

$37,045.94 $52,993.72 $72,822.78

Southeast Minnesota

$32,758.19 $48,899.58 $70,978.95

Southwest Minnesota

$33,960.38 $49,360.79 $64,791.61

Seven County Mpls-St Paul, MN

$37,205.08 $66,273.57 $107,844.45

how many people are employed in elemantary teaching occupation in MN and Nationally?

  • In Minnesota, there are 25,780 workers employed in this very large career(2010)
  • Nationally: 1,476,500 workers employed(2010)
  • Outlook 17% ( about as fast as average)

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