Final Smore

Emily Lechuga

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Moms on the News

There was a wide variety of articles presented in class. A lot of what the media covered seemed to be very negative. Mothers came off as being irresponsible, heartless, and plain evil sometimes. We also saw some articles with themes of super mom, which I thought were really cool because they showed the mother as being more than just someone's mother. I feel like the media does not keep their articles balanced in terms of good and bad representations of mothers. Based on what we saw in class, it seems as if the news report more stories of mothers being "bad mothers" whether that means dropping their baby in a cheetah pen, feeding the baby drugs, or killing them and stuffing them into freezers and not enough of mothers practicing good parenting skills. TV news stations tend to place more emphasis on the negative aspects of people and not enough on the positive.
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Feminine Mystique

I really enjoyed this book, because it taught a few things that I had never considered. I remembered talking about this book before in middle and high school but I never really knew what it was about. I enjoyed learning about how women felt. Even though, some of these women were wealthy and happily married they did not feel fulfilled. Girls were often discouraged from pursuing an education past high school. When women did got to college, a lot of them went in search of their MRS degree, a husband. Those that did want to be career women were shamed.

What I thought was most interesting is how all these women felt the same way but they did not know about it until they read this book. I think this has to do with not always being open about our lack of happiness within ourselves. Women do not like talking about the bad things in their lives and they feel pressured to be as close to perfect as possible.

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Moms in Disney films

We learned that moms are often missing in Disney films. When they are present a lot of them are represented as being over protective, nurturing, and caring. Also, many of the moms end up dying early on in the movies and their deaths always seem to be tragic.
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moms in lyrics

I learned that only a very small percentage of songs ever made are talking about or addressing mothers. A lot of songs are about falling in love, money, girls, and sex. However, the songs that are about mothers are very touching and describe the relationship/bond between that person and their mother. Some songs directly address mothers and thank them for everything they do. I think that there are more songs in spanish that are about mothers and how great they are, considering how much the spanish speaking community values family. There are also a lot of songs that are about dads, a theme that is not very common in English songs.
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moms in surveys

This was one of my favorite things that we did because a lot of moms opened about and explained how they felt about their role as mothers. Their responses varied from being very positive to very negative.

I learned that women are often pressured to be and ideal mom but it is hard to be perfect all the time. When you are a mom it seems as if your life changes drastically. Life is never about you anymore, life is about your kids and how well you parent so that they can become successful one day.

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Teen fiction

moms in teen fiction

Moms in teen fiction are depicted as being very protective. For example, in Twilight, Bella does everything possible to protect her daughter from the evil vampires. Overall, I think this is a common theme in all representations of motherhood that we saw. Even though some mothers are not perfect, they are all often portrayed as being protective of their offspring. When a child is in danger, everyone forgets about their own ideologies and does everything possible to provide comfort and safety to that child.
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Moms in children's literature

The common theme among children's books was the concept of love. The constant reminder that a mother loves her child was common in the books that we went through in class. This reflects how mothers are with their young children, they are always reminding them that they love and care for them. I feel like that mother son/daughter connection changes as one grows up. Mothers are not always reminding us of how much they love us verbally, but nevertheless they show how much the love their kids with their actions.

Dear Mom,

I have always looked up to your strong willed character. You have taught us how difficult life can be but you have also taught us how to stay determine and get through any obstacle we may encounter. You have done a great job taking care of us and rearing us into the right path. If you would not have been so strict on us we might not be where we are today. Your constant lectures and disciplining episodes, proved to have worked because we are all doing well now. I remember when I would ask you questions about life when I was little about things that I didn't quite understand and you would just tell me that one day I would understand. Now I know exactly what you were talking about. I hope that one day when I have my kids, I am able to be a role model for them to. I want to be the mom that they look up to and want to tell all their friends about, because that's how incredible you have been to me and my brothers. You have led by example and now it is our turn to take care of you. I just want to thank you for being our mother and for all that you have done and continue to do for us. You are the very best.

Your daughter,


Dear future children of mine,

First of all, I cannot wait to meet you all! On another note, I think I can because I am sure you all are going to be a handful. Plus, I am not ready to become a mother yet. When you all arrive into this world I want to provide you with a nice place you can call home and make your childhood memories. I promise to always be understanding and a listening ear when you have problems, concerns, or questions. I want us to have a close relationship and be able to talk about absolutely anything, because after all you will learn that one's true best friend is their mother. I do not promise I will be the coolest or the nicest mom, because I want you to be the smartest and healthiest kids out there. That will require a lot of disciplining on my part, which isn't always fun but in the end you will thank me, I am sure! One last note, please be cooperative when you decide to arrive into this world :) Let's try not to have mommy get an epidural, get induced, or have her go through a long labor. Until next time :)

Love, Mom