Transitional and Support Services

What makes it effective?

Summary of Performance and Independent Transitional Plan

There needs to be a PLAN

A comprehensive team should put together a plan for each student's future. This will include functional performance, suggestions for goals, interests of the student, and linkages to transitional services. These documents should also outline community experiences, help students develop the skills to obtain employment, live independently and participate in postsecondary education.

All students participate

These types of programs provide real life experiences to help students understand their community, civic responsibility and the world of work.


Salend, S.J. Creating Inclusive Classrooms.

Personal Reflection

I think the main idea of community based services to support the transition from high school to adulthood emphasizes being a part of a community. Everyone has a dream of living a life where they can thrive and be happy. I think by giving students the appropriate support to make that transition they can be better prepared for life outside of high school. By preparing them and taking them out into the community to do learning of different life skills and functions students can learn real life and hands on experience.

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