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website facts

  • Dementia mainly occurs at an older age
  • Most dementia are nonreversable
  • The leading cause of dementia is lewy body disease
  • Brain injury can also lead to dementia
  • Some causes of dementia can be stopped if found soon enough
  • Symptoms include emotional behavior or personality, language, memory, perception, thinking and judgement
  • As dementia becomes worse, symptoms are more obvious and interfere with the ability for someone to take care of themselves
  • People with more severe dementia can no longer do basic activities of basic living such as eating, dressing, eating, recognizing family members, and understand language

database facts

  • Dementia is a vague disease
  • It's an overall disease that describes a wide range of symptoms
  • Alzheimers counts for 60-80% of cases
  • Is is wrongly called senility or senile dementia
  • Symptoms of dementia can vary greatly
  • Many dementias have symptoms start out slowly and gradually gegt worse