Road to the Constitution

Foundations of American Government

We ARE Out of Here! That is what the Declaration of Independence was stating and listed the reasons. The people of the colonies during the mid 1700s had been taking care of themselves for a long time. Many had been born here and never had traveled to Europe. They were from different parts of Europe. A person from South Carolina identified him or herself first as a South Carolinian and then their background heritage.

The Declaration of Indepencene

This document states the reasons why the 13 colonies chose to divorce themselves from England. This had been years in the making. Explore and understand this Road to Independence.

The Articles of Confederation

We have declared our independence, now what? The colonies had rebelled and now they must man and woman up to create some system of government. The Articles of Confederation was our first attempt at government.

Iroquois Nation Constitution

The United States Constitution has numerous elements borrowed from the Iroquois Nation Constitution. Read more to appreciate this influence in the construction of our government.