Chic Chicas Monthly News

May Newsletter

We Are A STAR Team!!

WOW Chic Chicas! We did it! You did it! We are now a Star Team!!! This is very exciting and I am so proud of all of you. Promoting to Star last month just reaffirmed for me how amazing this company truly is and how it is so possible to earn a ton of money while having so much fun! My mission now is to secure Star promotions for those of you who want it so you can see how amazing this is and that it will just keep getting better!

TOP 10 in Sales for April

  1. Jessica Weiss $4,851
  2. Jessica Lloyd $2,458
  3. Tomalyn Young $2,183
  4. Lori Brown $1,810
  5. Charissa Kingma $1,455
  6. Andrea Connacher $1,076
  7. Shannon Wong $917
  8. Jennifer Schafer $561
  9. Jill Whitfield $448
  10. Ebony Ariyan $406

Kudos and Welcome!!!

Congratulations to Shannon Wong for achieving a Quick Start Jump Start Reward in her first 30 days of business! $300 is a nice shopping spree to have!

Welcome to Tara Fels and Becky Parro! You chicas are definitely chic and we are so happy to have you with us! We are cheering you on with your businesses!