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November 26, 2021

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Happy Teachers’ Day

As our head teacher Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said; “Globally, teachers are the most altruistic and respected members of their communities.” This was the theme of TAC’s Teachers Day celebration organized by the Second Foreign Languages Department on 24 November. We marked this meaningful day with various skits prepared and presented by TAC teachers and students, meaningful messages, and emphasizing the importance of teaching as a truly sacred profession.

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The ceremony which started with a moment of silence and the national anthem continued with remarks by Aslı Son, Vice Principal of Prep classes.

Please click on the photos to watch videos from the ceremony.

We would like to thank our students TAC'25 Göksu Metin and TAC'25 Doğa Cansın Mustan for being the hosts.

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Poem for Teachers

We thank Bora Sezginsoy from the class of 2024 for his poem which highlights the teacher as the source of every learning.

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Skit from the Film “Hababam Sınıfı”

The students of grade9 with passion for drama acted a section of the film “Hababam Sınıfı” by adapting it to the present day. We would like to thank them for their nostalgic yet entertaining contribution to the ceremony:


Feride Özmenoğlu

Meral Boğa

Emre Uri

Bartu Bolat

Arda Hıdıroğlu

Gülbeyaz Kıvanç

Onur Gökpınar

Özcan Demir Okyay

Aydoğan Senden

Mehmet Berke Arıkan

Nehir Örki

Helin Baba

Ali Göksu Metin

Berra Türko

Elif Ünveren

Göksu Durukan

Please click on the photos to watch the video.

Student Drama Performance

We thank the students listed below for the enactment of a dinner table conversation with Ataturk who said “the real thing that should be told about me is my being a teacher”:

Nail Tan Koç TAC'23

Cem Sağlam TAC'24

Yenal Önen TAC'23

Cem Yıldız TAC'23

Çağla Pişkinpaşa TAC'25

Tolga İlarslan TAC'26

Kerem İbrikçi TAC'26

Cenk Sağlam TAC'24

Ceren Alya Demir TAC'26

Please click on the photos to watch the video.

TAC Students Visit the Teachers of ZİÇEV and the Association for the Hearing Impaired

Transcending academic disciplines, teaching is the profession of imparting life skills to students. It is characterized by patience, dedication, selflessness and love. As a long-established academic institution providing education with this awareness for 133 years, TAC reached out to the teachers of the village schools, ZİÇEV and the Association for the Hearing Impaired, which are our partners in community service activities, for the Teachers' Day. TAC students paid a visit to these teachers to thank them for their valuable efforts.

Metin Mert Tutaş TAC’22

İpek Bayık TAC ‘22

Barış Bayazıt TAC ‘23

Uğur Erbay TAC ‘23


Echo'24, TAC’s music band, accompanied their teachers in performing the songs "Senden, Benden, Bizden" and "Resimdeki Gözyaşları" as a medley. We would like to thank the teachers and students who brought these happy moments to us.

Vocals: GÜLBEN DÖNMEZ- Physical Education Teacher



Piyano: OZAN D.

E. Gitar: ARDA A.

Bas Gitar: EFE İ.

Bateri: ŞAH B.

We wish a happy Teachers’ Day to all teachers as we pay respect to the memory of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the nation’s “Head Teacher”.

Please click on the photos to watch the video.

The Success of Our School Football Team

TAC’s football team placed first in the district following their victories against Atatürk MTAL and Ş. H. Özdemir Anatolian High School in boys A category.

We congratulate our students and wish them continued success.

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