By: Maddison Rutherford and Austin Sharkey

Work Habits

Tackle your challenging tasks before lunch- Doing challenging tasks before lunch you have a fresh look on the task. Doing the challenging things in the morning you have more time in the afternoon to get meetings and busy work done.

Create a system- Plan out your days, by doing this you will be more organized and manage your time better throughout the day.

Stop multi-tasking- Instead of multi-tasking, try to focus on one thing at a time. You should work on one thing at a time, and not get wrapped up in all the things that you have to do.

Take more breaks- Breaks allow you to refresh your brain, and lets you build your energy back up before continuing what you are working on.

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Happy- You should always come to work happy and ready to have a great day, by doing this you will put others around you in a good mood as well.

Focused- You have to be focused on your work to get it done. Try to limit distractions as much as possible. Every teenager procrastinates, but try not to

Interested- Always try to do something that you are interested in. You will have a higher work ethic and be more willing to get the task done. Try to make work fun and interesting, and you will be a lot less bored.

Demanding- You need to be more demanding with your work to make sure reach due dates and have a clean system.


Association of American Educators (AAE)

Towards Students- The educator needs to be caring towards their students. If a student is having a bad day, the educator needs to realize that and in a way give them a break. If the student starts to slack off and not reach their full potential, they need to push them to do better.

Towards Practices and Performance- Educators need good practice to be able to speak well in front of students and have a good plan each day to teach the students. Having good practice will allow them to have good performance also.

Towards Colleagues- Having good ethics with other colleagues allow them to get along with other educators and also higher up educators like principles and assistant principles. Having good ethics with these other educators you being to build a better teaching environment.

Towards Parents and Community- There needs to be a close bond between educators, and parents. If the student repeatedly slacks off or is not reaching their potential the educator needs to inform the parents.

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Legal Responsibilities

Teachers Must Keep Student Information Confidential- Educators have the responsibility of keep students information confidential, because an educator could easily use what the student said out of privacy and use it as black mail or use it against them, which does not proved the student with a good learning environment.

Verbal Abuse Is Just as Harmful as Physical Abuse- Verbally abusing a student is never okay. When verbally abusing a student you cause a bad learning environment the student will not be excited to come to class like they should be and will not what to learn the materials they are in the class for.

Inappropriate Touching of Students Is Never Permissible- Students should never be touched inappropriately. Sexual relations with students is not allowed.

Fine Line Between Discipline and Physical Abuse- Unlike before, physically abusing a student is impermissible in the 21st century. Harming a student in any way is not allowed.