What is Flexibility?

By: Kirk Siryon

Flexibility refers to the ability to move joints through their entire range of motion.

Benefits of being flexible

  • decreased risk of injury to muscles,joints, and ligaments
  • stretching improve blood flow
  • also good for habit such as posture on the body
  • increase blood flow within the body
Improving flexibly is what helps you get through many physical activities throughout the day.

Text to Self

Being flexible reminds of hat kind of effect it will have on my soccer life and soccer games. The fact that its kind of mandatory for athletes to stretch to prevent injury and to increase mobility. Its different from life because in the morning when I stretch it is different compared to when I stretch preparing for a game or physical activity or competitive sport. I have had situations where i played without stretching and it felt as if my body was reacting much slower compared to when i am hype and energized. Stretching can help with that such as dynamic stretching.