The Popes and Roman Emperors


Causes of conflict between the Popes and the Holy Roman Emperors

  • The Catholic Church began its own centralization.
  • There were a series of reforms aimed at taking control of local religious foundations as churches.
  • The emperors and the popes wanted power
  • Movements of reform wanted to reduce the power of the kings and nobles
  • That movement led to a conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Holy Roman emperor Henry IV

The Aftermath of the conflict

  • Pope Gregory VII and Holy Roman emperor Henry IV were weakened by the conflict
  • Gregory's successor, Urban II, expanded its aims to include the formation of a great army in service of the Church
  • He called on the warriors of Europe to cease fighting with one another
  • Instead of fighting with one another, they joined forces to take the Holy Land from the Muslims, who had occupied Jerusalem since the seventh century
  • This initiated the Crusades, a series of horrific battles and one of the darkest chapters in the history of Christianity
The popes and the Romans


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