Reconvening to discuss Text Based Evidence

My Next Visit - Wednesday, February 24

First we met and discussed how to implement text based writing in your classrooms. Then I was delighted to visit you in December and see your good work with students. Some classes I even got to participate! THANKS!

As part of the reading/writing, I asked that you use an LDC Task Template as part of a class to engage students in writing around some topic/lesson that was coming up in your plans.

Then I sent out an LDC Task Template Explanation guide for some good examples. After you use this in your classroom, please save the students' work and bring it to our meeting on Thursday, February 24th.

The stems were to be used on some piece of text that you already use with your students. They are intended as a model for helping to crafting a solid text-based assignment.

Bring questions and concerns to our CTE PLC or just email me at Diane.Albanese@cape.k12.de.us.

I have some new information to share. Now, more than ever, Social Studies is an important part of Literacy!

THANKS for all that you do for Students!

Literacy Specialist Visit to CTE PLC

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 9am-2:45pm

1250 Kings Highway

Lewes, DE

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