Factory LEDs

Wholesale Led Lighting Manufacturer

Factory LEDs is a leading company in providing the LED lighting precuts to promote the traditional LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement technologies and luminous fixtures low power LED. We are the organizer of the revolution in LED lighting, offering innovative lighting products of high quality. Factory LEDs is a LED technology company, which allows the incandescent production of LED lights demanded by the market and control all manufacturing processes thereof, through a strict quality control procedure. Here you will find many different types of lighting products including Street Lamp and Parking Lot Lighting.

In Factory LEDs, our LED innovation is to bring light to the people and companies and we do it in a global way: adapting to local environments in which we operate, ensuring our products with excellent quality and high performance as a critical value company. We incorporate the latest developments in LED technology to provide lighting fixtures industry leaders, as toughLED and High Bay Light. We are committed to offer renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable products. Our company sells wholesale LED lighting products under our trademark LED as exclusively to professionals from different sectors, offering a personalized and professional service to each of our clients.

We have been providing LED lighting products for your buildings and incorporate control systems for modern lighting to help further reduce energy consumption. If your need High Bay LED replacements or any other LED lighting system, we can fulfill all of your lighting requirements. We invite you to register on our website factoryleds.com and discover all of our LED products.