--the first and best English colony

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From 1607-1707 the English successfully colonized Virginia until Great Britain took over from 1707-1776. In 1607 Jamestown became the first permanent English settlement in the New World. Virginia was located around the James River, causing their land to be ideal for tobacco production. Tobacco became Virginia's first profitable export and cash crop. Plantations were built all along the rivers to grow and distribute tobacco. Slavery and indentured servitude grew immensely as a result of all the physical labor needed to utilize this cash crop. The Royal African company was established to ship African slaves from Barbados to Virginia.

Virginia is like no other

English people make up the majority of Virginia's colonist, however a small portion of the inhabitants consists of Poles, Slovaks, French Huguenots, Germans, and some Welsh.

In 1619 the Anglican Church was founded and established the official religion of Virginia. The church remained the official religion up until the American Revolution. After the American Revolution, Baptists and Methodists began challenging the Anglicans for leadership. Virginia also incorporated education in to their long list of notable achievements. in 1634, Syms-Eaton Academy, the first free public school in America, was established in Virginia. A number of other schools and academic institutions blossomed as well, creating an overall literate community in Virginia.

Some of our most important leaders

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