Weenie Hut Kandy

Come... To Weenie Hut Kandy

We sell Majestic Cheese

We sell only the finest cheeses, thanks to our glorious leader Kim Jong Un. We have created the finest cheeses to match his greatest desires. Some of our selections include cheddar, KFC, and chocolate covered cheese.
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Roasted Weeniezzz

What's a Weenie Hut without weenies? No weenies compare to ours, because unlike the typical weenie, these are roasted. Is a roasted weenie not enough? We can add fabulous toppings, such as sprinkles, grape juice, chocolate, and cheese just to name a few.
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We sell the finest kandy that you know and love. Our kandies range from peanut butter chocolate bars to our world famous Kim Jong Kandy. If you don't eat our kandy, you'll be missing out.
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In honor of our almighty ogrelord, Shrek, we recently decided to start selling onions. Our fabulous layers come in many various shapes and sizes. Our onions to choose from include cheese flavored, chocolate flavored, and swamp flavored.
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