By Charles Dexter

Basic Facts

Capital of Brazil


Population of Brazil


Brazil's government

)Federal Republic

Brazil's Economy

Type of currency

)Brazilian real

Major industry



Natural Resources

)Soy Beans


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Brazil's Geography


)Eastern South America

Surrounding Nations




)French Guiana






Bodies of water that border Brazil

)Atlantic ocean

Weather and climate of Brazil

)mostly coastal, but temperate climate

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Customs and Cultures of Brazil

Three types of foods

)Feijoada-Black beans with beef, pork, sausage, and sometimes pig ears, feet, and tail.

often served with palm oil.

)Arroz Feijao-Rise and beans. served with meat, salad, potatoes, and fruit

)A bowl of soup- usually served with coffee or milk and a piece of cake.

Brazil's important holidays and celebrations



)Independence Day


)New Years

Traditional clothing

)very colorful pieces

3 Major Religion of Brazil




Favorite Pastime

)Playing Sports like soccer

)Watch soap Operas


Language: Portuguese

)hello - oi

)Goodbye - Tchau

)Yes - Sim

)Thank you - Obrigado

)How are you - Como Vai

)My name is Charles - Meu nome e Charles

Interesting facts

Two famous land marks in Brazil

)Christ the Redeemer


Major airport

)Dois De Julho

Time difference between Brazil and Atlanta

)1 hour

Interesting facts about Brazil

)Christmas is celebrated with fireworks

)Brazil borders all south american countries

)Brazil has a type of redwood call Pau Brasil (Brazil wood)

)won the world cup five times

)Sao Paulo is the largest Japanese community outside of japan