Teacher Spotlight: Libby Brubaker

November 16, 2018

Social and Emotional Wellness

The spotlight is shining on Mrs. Libby Brubaker and her 5th grade class this week for implementing the Global Outcomes of Social and Emotional Wellness. In Mrs. Brubaker's class she teaches students about their brain and how it works. Her 5th grade students recalled what they learned the week before about neurons and how the brain processes information. They discuss how to prepare their brains for learning. By recognizing how their brain learns and what keeps their brain from learning, students understand more about how to control their emotions, take care of their bodies, and develop positive learning habits.


The routine in her class is "Mindset Mondays" where she integrates a social emotional learning curriculum. This week the class discussed FRUSTRATION. Students read a story about a student who became frustrated and handled it poorly. Students each shared some of their own experiences with frustration and together they brainstormed positive strategies.

Mrs. Brubaker and her students reflected on themselves as learners, practiced strategies, and developed strategies together. They also watched a video of other students sharing advice and then they created their own audio recordings.

Mrs. Brubaker thanks students for sharing their experiences, for being brave, courageous, and for helping each other learn.

Thank you, Mrs. Brubaker, for teaching our kids these important outcomes!

Our Global Outcomes

Communication: I thoughtfully process and express ideas in multiple ways
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: I ask challenging questions, analyze complex information, and find solutions

Creativity: I explore my curiosities and passions in order to produce innovative-imaginative products

Physical Social and Emotional Wellness: I make decisions that positively affect my physical, emotional, and social health in my pursuit of lifelong wellness

Compassion and Global Awareness: I seek to understand, value and advocate for, and engage with others in my own community and globally

Perseverance: I strive to take on challenges knowing I have the capacity to grow

Collaboration: I build from diverse perspectives and assets when working together toward a common goal