Types of Consciousness

by Jennifer Vera


Relatively dim in awareness were dreams are made from being unrestricted by the demands of logic, permits the sudden flow of ideas. Impressions are left on the mind of all remembered experiences and tendencies awakened or reinforces by those impressions.


The next level of consciousness from which we receive guidance is the conscious state, the rational awareness that usually guides our daily decisions. This is set to receive an input from the senses, analyze the facts, and make decisions to use the conscious level of guidance. It is difficult to be completely certain of decisions drawn from this level, because the analytical mind can see all the possible solutions. But ultimately it doesn't have the ability to distinguish which one is the best.


Intuition and heightened mental clarity flow from the super conscious awareness. The conscious mind is limited by its analytical nature, and therefore sees all things as separate and distinct also difficult to draw a clear course of action. Because it is unitive and sees all things as part of a whole, it can readily draw solutions. A Superconciousness problem and the solution can be seen as one, as though the solution was a natural outgrowth from the problem.