questions about megalodon

what the megalodon does.

The Megalodon eats whatever it wants to eat like whales and large fish! It was 70 feet long and weighs about 50 to 100. The Megalodon got its name by the size of its teeth. A Megalodon's tooth can grow up to 45 to 55 feet long and maybe 70 feet! The Megalodon's preditors was it own kind! The Megalodon swam about 25 to 35 miles mph.
The Megalodon was an ancient shark that lived around the time of dinosaurs. the Megalodons territory was the phillipean sea. The Megalodon went extincted around 2.6 million years ago.Orcas went to cold places where Megalodon couldn't fallow because it was to cold and also orcas killed young Megalodon's.