by: Elizabeth Sparrow and Drew Bateman

all about islam

The followers of islam are called muslims. The muslims god is called Allay. Their common figure is the god of Abraham. Their holy book is called a Qur'an. The muslims key beliefs are the five pillars. The five pillars is a practice for life. Islam people follow this practice. The five pillars are belief, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage. For belief they only believe in one god which is allay. Next is prayer, the muslims must pray five times a day. They also do charities which is where they give money to those in need or just a friend or family member. Fasting is also something they need to do. Fasting is where you don't eat or drink anything for about a day long. And last but not least they go to Mecca, which is a pilgrimage. On that pilgrimage they walk to a huge cube called ka'bah. When they get there they pray, millions of people go there but only got here once because it is so expensive. Very wealthy people can go there maybe once or twice. The muslims place of worship is called mosque. The worship leader is called an imam. In the mosque the imam prays from the holy book which is in hebrew. Some of the holidays are called eid al fitr and eid al adha. The eid al fitr is when Ramadan ends And people attend prayers. On this holiday muslims wear new clothes, decorate their homes and exchange gifts with family and friends. this holiday is in honor of Abraham. the other holiday they celebrate is called eid al edha. This holiday is the end of hajj. Also it is the last day in Mecca.