Seed Drill

Plant Tomorrow!

What does the Seed Drill look like?

The Seed Drill was pulled behind a horse. It consisted of a wheeled vehicle containing a box filled with grain. There was a wheel-driven ratchet that sprayed the seed out evenly as the seed drill was pulled across the field.
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What does it do?

A seed drill is a sowing device that precisely positions seeds in the soil and then covers them. The machine would be drawn by a horse and sowed three regularly spaced rows of wheat grains. Wouldn't you rather have this than doing it all by hand? Its easier and faster!

How did it change society?

The Seed Drill helped with farming. It was easier and faster for farmers to get the job done.


Jethro Tull!

Born; March 30, 1674.

Died; February 21, 1741.

Invented the Seed Drill in 1701!

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