By Josh Giffith


This civilization is not real the website is used for a project for school
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The name of my civilization is Panda.Panda is located in Europe and Asia. states that are in panda Panda land,black bear city,Kodiak bear,arctic bear,brown bear.

Absolute location of panda is 15E 50E and Relative location is North of Sahara desert,south of arctic ocean,east of Atlantic ocean.France,Germany,NetherLands,Belgium,Switzerland,Italy,Austria,Poland,Norway,Sweden,Russia.Panda is in the North East Hemisphere Eastern Hemisphere and Alps,Atlantic Rhine river three topography features. Most common natural disaster Tsunamis,Avalanche,Tornadoes,Hurricane.Pandas

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Panda has many religions,The black Wednesday is the most popular tradition because It lowers price 75%.Most people in panda speak English but other parts of panda speak german and french.

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Panda uses mostly coin money but they also use paper

money.The only things panda is scarce of is


and bread.Panda has lot of

Panda has a lot of wood,metal,oil,pineapple,Paper, rope.

  • Blacksmiths

  • Salesmen/girl

  • King/Queen

  • Army/police

  • Zookeeper

  • Vets

  • Doctors

  • Engineer

  • Fisher

  • Sports player

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