Whitacre Unit

July Mid Month Update

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Whitacre Unit Training/Meeting

Wednesday, July 16th, 6pm

20260 Kenyon Ln

Lebanon, MO

Join our own Celebrating Home designers for business training, tips and ideas.

We have been combining our meeting with the Springfield girls, but I think this time we need to gather here at my house. If you have not been to a training/meeting for awhile, I encourage you to be here.
Time to renew our commitment to our Celebrating Home business. If you haven't been working your Celebrating Home business this meeting is for you. I TOO WILL BE REBUILDING, so you won't feel like a finger is being pointed at you. No judgements...just encouragement and ideas. Bring your positive attitude with a willingness to work this business...whether it be your hobby, part time or full time.

Food and Friendship time at 6:00 and we will start at 6:30. So if you have a little bit of a drive, you have a little more time. Come in and fill a plate if we have already started.

Bring a finger food/snack to share. I am making a hot mexican dip and chips and brownies. I will also have iced tea, water and coffee.

Please let me know if you will be attending or not. It really helps me plan for snacks and for training.

Can't wait to spend time with you!

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