Sky Lights

The Future of CMSW's Lights.

Why do skylights?

We did skylights because yearly we spend $98,698. But with one cost of $39,600 we can save money. Now, we have a budget of $192,000 yearly but if we keep on using the skylights we will start to save money.

How This Will Benefit West.

This will save a lot of money that we spend into electricity. With the money we save we can spend it on things such as better quality water. The sunlight will allow a more natural feeling of light enter the classroom.

Now Let's Talk Money!

How Much Will It Cost?

The total price of the skylights is $39,600 and this covers every room in the school. Including the lounge for the teachers. It may seem a lot, but think about how much money the skylights can save. After a decade our school will have saved $78,800!

Exactly How Much Money Will West Save?

Every month our school will save $78,800! Our school spends $8217 a month usually. Now our school will now spend $337! Now that's not a lot! The average home in Fort Worth Texas spends $139.09. There not a big difference even though are school is larger than most homes.
New Multi-Pane Operable Skylights by OpenAire


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