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June 2022

~ Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) plus Health Sciences ~

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STEAM plus Health Science Events

All About Woodpeckers | NEW 360° Video

All About Woodpeckers | NEW 360° Video

Why don’t woodpeckers get hurt while hammering on trees? What makes them such good tree climbers? Learn more about Northern Flickers, Downy Woodpeckers, and other native woodpeckers in our new 360° video All About Woodpeckers.

Discover Alaska, Wednesdays at 7PM.

These events will take place at the BP Design Theater, located in ELIF 401 in the ELIF building on UAF Campus, located at 1764 Tanana Loop.

All lectures will be recorded and posted to the web following the live presentation.

Permafrost: How the Ongoing Thaw is Impacting Alaska's Landscapes
Louise Farquharson, Research Assistant Professor in the UAF Geophysical Institute's Permafrost Laboratory

The Road to Exhibition: Bus 142 at the UA Museum of the North
Angela Linn, Senior Collections Manager, Ethnology & History, UA Museum of the North

Tsunamis in Alaska: Are We Ready for the Next Big One?
Elena Suleimani, Research Analyst and Tsunami Modeler, Alaska Earthquake Center

Sunny with a Chance of Electron Precipitation: Space Weather and What it Means to You
Don Hampton, Research Associate Professor, Atmospheric and Space Science

Discover Alaska

FREE Summer Wellness Pop-Up Series

In celebration of Fairbanks Memorial Hospital's 50th Anniversary, Foundation Health Partners will be hosting a FREE summer wellness pop-up series. Join us every Wednesday as we practice different styles of movement led by various local instructors.

Pop-ups are free and open to the public. The sessions will take place on the large grass lot near the north corner of the FMH campus. Parking is available in the adjacent lot.

6/8 – Kickboxing led by The Studio
6/15 – Intro to Taekwondo led by Midnight Sun Martial Arts
6/22 – Barre led by Sarah Goetz
6/29 – Kids Gymnastics led by Gymnastics Inc.

This schedule is subject to change. Check back here for schedule updates/weather cancellations. Visit our website to learn more


Are you interested in the health career field? Want to be a doctor? Come walk with a Doc and ask your questions!

STEAM plus Health Sciences Contests/Activities

Space Origami: Make Your Own Starshade

Imagine trying to photograph a planet from trillions of miles away. Now imagine that planet is in another solar system, where the bright light of its parent star is outshining everything around it. This is what new technology from NASA is trying to do – capture the first images of planets outside our solar system – and you can make your own model of the spacecraft using origami!

Space Origami: Make Your Own Starshade

Launches June 15th!

To be eligible to participate in the Congressional App Challenge, you must be a middle or high school student at the time of app submission.

Students may register as individuals or as teams of up to four. No more than four students are allowed to form a team.

Students may compete in the district they reside in or the district they attend school in.

If competing as a team, at least half of any teammates must be eligible to compete in the district in which they are participating in.

Congressional App Challenge

Agents of Discovery

Agents of Discovery is a mobile game where you have to move to play. You’re a secret agent with an animal guide to help you solve Challenges in a Mission. As you explore outdoor recreation areas, trails, museums, and discovery centers, you will unlock the hidden challenges based on your location.

Your mission is to collect all the USBees that were taken in a data breach. They have to be returned to the hive. If they aren’t, the fate of the natural world is in jeopardy! The more challenges you solve, the more USBees you’ll be awarded.

Discover nature, science, and culture. Some missions can be played either on-site or at home.

Instructions for downloading the app and playing the game are provided below.

The Walthers 2022 Model Railroad Scholarship Program

The Walthers 2022 Model Railroad Scholarship Program

Designed for high school seniors or recent grads active in model railroading and pursuing a degree in one of the STEAM programs; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Math.

Deadline: July 1, 2022

Nature Journaling | Wednesday, June 15 | 5:30 - 6:15 p.m. | Free!

In honor of Nature Journaling Week, we’re organizing a digital Nature Journaling program. Taking place on Wednesday, June 15 from 5:30 –6:15 p.m. AK Time, the program is completely virtual. If you’re looking for new ways to connect with your natural surroundings, develop your artistic skills and scientific thinking, or bond with your little ones, sign up now! This event is free and open to all.

Register here!

Volunteer/Employment Opportunities

The Volunteer Action Center (VAC) by the United Way of Tanana Valley

The Volunteer Action Center (VAC) by the United Way of Tanana Valley

Ready to set up an account with the VAC? When you sign up, you'll be asked to indicate the causes you are most passionate about, as well as your volunteer interests. By providing this information, you'll make it easier for the VAC to recommend the organizations and volunteer opportunities that match your values and preferences. You'll also have a chance to "fan," or follow, one or more agencies that are registered with the VAC!

When a volunteer fans an agency, they'll get email updates whenever their fanned agencies post new needs or events. It's a great way for a volunteer to keep abreast of what their favorite nonprofits are doing in the community, and to be among the first to sign up for new opportunities that they care about. The agencies shown in this step are primarily those whose causes match the new volunteer's.

Rather watch the movie? Click here for a video guide to setting up your volunteer account.